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  • Flight Control System
  • Glass Cockpit Display System
  • Electrical System
  • Fuel Management System
  • Brake Management System
  • Hydraulic System

  • Software Unit Testing
  • Software/ Software Integration Testing
  • Hardware/ Software Integration Testing

IVV Process Followed:

  • SRS Analysis and Review
  • Development of test plan
  • Development of Test Scripts
  • Review Test results report
  • Technical check report, Problem Report Review
  • Software quality Assurance
  • Delivery of test Artifacts

Ignis also provides specialist, independent Verification and Validation services at every phase of software development life-cycle. Verification is used to identify correctness, completeness, integrity, security and quality of developed software. Verification is performed through technical investigation to highlight quality aspects with respect to intended operational environment. Quality attributes include but are not limited to capability, reliability, efficiency, portability and maintainability. The team has experience in Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V) activities, meeting RTCA / DO-178B Standards or Customer Standards.

  • Early detection of errors by review and analysis (Static Verification)
  • Assessment of verifiability of SW requirement (Static Verification)
  • Requirement-based Host and Target testing covering Black Box, White Box, Coverage Analysis (Dynamic Verification)
  • Software Integration Testing (Dynamic Verification)

Coverage tools: RTRT,
Programming Language: C, C++, Ada, Assembler

The Embedded Software department focuses on software development, verification and validation activities for real-time safety-critical embedded software conforming to DO-178B requirements.